Project Information
Name: LED Lamp
Date Started: 2020/05/21
Date Ended: N/A
Verison: ALPHA
LED Lamp
Information on this overview will be updated as the project progresses. This includes goals and materials used.
The goal of this project:
  • Creature an LED crystal lamp
    • An LED ring light to light up the crystal
    • Two LED bar lights to light up the wall behind the crystal
  • Make it fully custimizable via a web applicatoin
Materials used:
  • 1| ESP 8266
  • 1| Adafruit NeoPixel Ring (12 LEDS)
  • 2| Adafruit NeoPixel Stick (8 LEDS)
Update #1: 2020/05/22
This report was retroactively created. This makes it dull and under developed.
The first working prototype was achieved today.
The WEB interface is semi-complete. It works by creating a network that the user connects to. Once connected, the user types in a URL and connects to a HTML page. The HTML page allows the user to submit a form that controls the LEDS.

In the future, I would like to make the lamp not create its own network. The network would only be used to type in SSID and password to your network. From there, I hope you can connect to it via an local IP address or netbois name.

I will incorpate screenshots, pictures, and other media into my posts in the future.